Social Skills Groups 

Current Ongoing Groups!! (2016)


Wednesday Nights in STE 206


Middle Schoolers (ages 11-14) 5:00pm


High Schoolers (ages 14-19) 6:00pm


1-2 Typical Models Included in every group!


Social Skills Groups:


  • provide a safe environment for children to interact with peers
  • provide a place to practice newly learned social skills
  • are fun, structured and engaging
  • involve take home practice activities for generalization
  • use typical peers


To enroll in a social skills group, click here and fill out and intake form here or contact Stacey Ashton (831-224-3811).  Limited spaces available.

Social Skills Training and Resources provides individual social skills training, social skills groups and ABA therapy for children with autism specctrum disorders and related challenges.  


All sessions utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA).


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