Social Skills Training and Resources was started by Stacey Ashton, MSEd, BCBA after discovering the need for children with autism to be included in their schools and communities.  Stacey Ashton has over 15 years experence in Applied Behavior Analysis (specifically with children with autism) and has extensive training on using ABA to teach social skills.  She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2007.

Social Skills Training and Resources now has two offices in downtown Pacific Grove, CA!


157 Grand Avenue in STE 205 and 206 - located between the  to the the Natural History Museum and the Pacific Grove Library in downtown Pacific Grove.



Social Skills Training and Resources provides individual social skills training, social skills groups and ABA therapy for children with autism specctrum disorders and related challenges.  


All sessions utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA).


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